Automatic transmission repair

Automatic transmission repair.

Greater driving comfort is almost always accompanied by high costs. The same principle applies to automatic transmission repair. And it’s not even the fact that a car with automatic transmission consumes more fuel for the same ultimate engine power.

Automatic transmission requires more care than mechanical one.


Automatic transmission repair

It includes a test drive and inspection of damage and computer diagnostics. The last one is carried out in the following way: to the diagnostic computer is connected a tester or a computer with a special adapter and appropriate software equipment, on-board system is set Error reading mode, which are displayed on the screen. Then the error codes are validated against the directory, and so the problem is determined.

Typically, such test is sufficient to determine the fault. But the essence of repair isn’t only to solve the problem, but also to eliminate the real reason for its occurrence. Without this conditions automatic transmission will fails again, and therefore such repairs would be useless.

Keep in mind that the causes of incorrect operation of the automatic transmission can be not only a failure of transmission, but also engine failure, or failure of the sensor control.