Recommendations of Ford to replace hydraulic fluids and oils.

Replacing the engine oil.

  • Ford Motor Company recommends the use the brand motor oil Ford / Motorcraft 5W-30.
  • The design of your car’s engine provides the use of this oil.
  • This oil should be used for optimum engine performance.

Alternatively, you can use engine oils with the viscosity grade 5W-30, corresponding to the specifications of Ford S-M2C913-B

hydraulic fluids and oils

Hydraulic fluid brake system and clutch.

Use the brake fluid Motorcraft Brake Fluid DOT 4 and Super DOT 4 or brake fluid satisfying the specifications of Ford ESD-M6C57-A. If necessary, top up the brake fluid to the upper mark ( “MAX”).

Use only brake fluid without wax.

Coolant –
Use 50% water and 50% coolant Motorcraft SuperPlus Antifreeze or coolant corresponding specification WSS-M97 B44-D of company Ford.