Running a new car engine

Buying a new car one of the most important moments of his flawless and continuous operation in the future becomes the correct running of the engine. It prepares all the major mechanical components for proper interaction, eliminating the rapid wear of the engine and the need for its overhaul.

Running a new car engine

The first 500 kilometers are the most important in the initial operation of your vehicle.

The further work of the engine, its ability to save fuel and oil depends on them.

  1. Do not operate the engine at idle strokes (exception – a short warming up the engine). At engine speeds above 1200 per minute the necessary pressure of the working oil is created that protects all parts of the engine from premature wear. Therefore, you must keep a record speed not below this mark.
  2. Do not use the 5 gearing at first 1,500 kilometers
  3. Do not brake by the engine
  4. Check the condition of the car:. oil level, brake fluid, etc. Listen to the extraneous sounds and knocks arising in the car.
  5. For the running of the engine is preferable to select the low density track.
  6. During the running do not move constantly with the same speed, varies it depending on the path (see above).

Also it is useful sometimes a little slow down gradually and smoothly to recruit the speed.